Healthy and Fit Fifth Graders!

June 26, 2009

Visiting the Union Square Green Market

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green market

Now that we’ve gotten our students so pumped about making healthy choices, and given them the know how to do so, we wanted to give them more options about where to go to find healthy, local and possibly organic food. Since we are located on the very eastern most side of the island, it was difficult to find an affordable organic grocery store. Luckily, we were inspired by the wonderful selection of green markets in the area, the best one being in Union Square.

We scheduled a field trip and were on our way! When we got there we were greeted by one of the educational coordinators and she did a brief but essential run through of what a green market actually is, and why it is so much better then a grocery store. We learned the difference between a farm and an orchard, a meat farm and a dairy farm. Through going on a scavenger hunt we learned the difference between seasonal fruit and imported fruit. This lesson was essential to the students because it allowed them to see, touch, taste, and smell the wonderful seasonal and local food that is available to them.

At the end of the tour, they got to try a spinach salad with mushrooms and goat cheese. All local and organic! They loved it and were begging for more. Several students have paid visits to the green market since the trip and have shared some delicious, and healthy snacks with us.

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